Transparent Energy Pricing

Barrel Hub is the first of its kind big-data toolkit for Texas Producers. Never before seen transparency allows you to unlock the information you need to improve your pricing and gain an advantage in A&D.

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Proprietary gas pricing platform

Know exactly where you stand by seeing every gas lease by every gas producer in Texas, sorted by price.

Anything less than complete transparency is just guessing.

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Fresh Data Every Month

Prices are dynamic. Use up-to-date pricing every month to ensure you're getting the pricing you deserve.

Exclusive Access

We don't distribute our data anywhere else. So if you're a Barrel Hub client, rest assured that you have an exclusive advantage over your competitors.

Storage and Analysis

We provide export options so you can take your data offline for further analysis.

Proprietary oil pricing platform

Know exactly where you stand by seeing every oil lease by every oil producer in Texas, sorted by price.

Stop guessing about your oil pricing.

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Pricing Tool

With Barrel Hub you can see and compare the actual data for every lease in Texas. Stop guessing and know for sure who is paying the most for production in your county.

Acquisition and Divestiture

Barrel Hub allows you to see the ownership details of every lease. Use the data to find undervalued assets or to identify other producers likely to be in acquisition mode.


As a fiduciary, there are very few products available that protect you and the decisions you make on behalf of your investors. Rest easy knowing the data will be there for you when you need it.


“We made changes that immediately brought in more money within weeks of subscribing to Barrel Hub. Without the software I would have never known the options even existed. Best technology decision I’ve made for my business.”

Bruce Gates
Bruce Gates

“I have been in this business for over 30 years on the producer side, and I’ve never seen anything like Barrel Hub. Whether using it for pricing or for A&D, it really is like having the answers before taking the test.”

John Snyder

“I just want to give a shout-out to our friends over at Barrel Hub. We've only had Barrel Hub for a few months but I can tell you that it has already made a dramatic impact to our bottom line! We have not had the chance to use the software to our full advantage, and the software has already allowed us to make changes that will pay for the service fee forever. Its low cost and affordable to anyone in the business, but the scale of the upside is significant. Without the software, we would have not known we could sell to another purchaser for $3 a barrel more. It is an absolute game changer!”

Chad Willis

Tiered Pricing

A plan for everyone

Contact for details

  • Oil Pricing Data
  • Natural Gas Pricing Data
  • Energy Market Data
  • Data Rooms for Advanced Analytics
  • Company Specific Dashboards (coming soon)
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Frequently asked questions

Barrel Hub is a proprietary energy pricing platform that allows energy producers to understand exactly how their production pricing stacks up against their competitors.

Barrel Hub uses proprietary data gathering and cleaning methods proven through deep industry experience. While we can't guarantee 100% accuracy, we can guarantee that our data quality is top-tier and always being improved.

Not currently, but we will be expanding into other markets soon.

Visit If all else fails, please email [email protected] with as many details and screenshots as possible.

Our software gathers new data 24/7. Updates occur periodically within the month. Subscribers receive an email alerting them to updated data.

Email [email protected]

Are you ready to turn big data into an advantage?

"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine." - Peter Sondergaard